Recall Walker

Governor Scott Walker speaks at Wisconsin State Fair.

It’s the Oligarchy, Stupid!

Al Jazeera segment examining inequality in America.

via Max Keiser


The Truth About the Economy

In case you haven’t seen this yet:

Robert Reich: What’s the problem with the economy?

via MoveOn.org

Lawrence Lessig Breaks a Few Things Down

via YouTube – Lawrence Lessig Keynote on Citizens United Decision @ For the People Summit.

Yes, She Can!


It’s coming down to the wire, it seems, for Elizabeth Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you support her, please make your voice heard. There are plenty of online petitions, letters to be written, anything. This woman is amazing and she deserves our support!

The Mountain

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Girl 6 – Ultimate Reading

Susan Batson reads the girls to filth in a fierce scene from
the 1996 Spike Lee film, Girl 6.

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