End Financial Appartheid

Cain & Perry Tax Plans: Visualized

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#OWS Ignites the World

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Lessig: Killing it over & over & over

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Occupy Wall St: Chris Hedges Interview Transcript

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Filmed on Sunday, September 25, at the

Occupy Wall Street Protest.

Amazing interview with author Chris Hedges discussing global, historical, political, economic, and moral aspects of the reasons for the protest and the larger movements to which it is related.

Read a full transcript of the interview below.

Interviewers: OK World! This is an extreme pleasure.

Chris Hedges: Do you want to ask me questions or do you want me to just say something?

I: Introduce yourself, and tell people who you are.

Chris Hedges: I’m Chris Hedges, and I’m a writer. I just got back from Immokalee Florida where the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is about to begin a huge campaign against supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop, Giant. Which is extremely important. Because if it succeeds, it will probably double the wages, which run between about $8,000 & $10,000 for agricultural workers in the tomato fields, who live in horrific conditions at best. And at worst, conditions that resemble slavery. But I’ve been following what’s been happening here (Wall Street Occupation) and this is really where the hope of America lies.
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Michael Hudson says…

“The financial sector in America basically has become a criminalized sector.”

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Infographic: The People’s House?

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The US House of Representatives has had 435 members for 100 years. Prior to this, the House regularly increased its membership to mirror growing population in the United States. This decrease in representation at the federal level has had drastic consequences for effective and fair government. As the democratic body of the legislative branch, the House of Representatives was designed to represent everyone. As Representatives have grown more and more distant from their constituents, their power has dramatically increased while their responsiveness to anyone but the highest bidder has all but vanished. With larger districts electioneering becomes the most important job and money the loudest voice, drowning out the voices of those who truly hold the power.

This infographic visualizes historical aspects of the US House of Representatives to help grasp its changed nature. Congressional representation was one of the most vigorously argued issues during the founding of our republic, and I believe it is still a crucial issue to the functioning of our legislative branch.

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Noam Chomsky: American Decline: Causes & Consequences

The eminent American philosopher John Dewey once described politics as “the shadow cast on society by big business,” warning that “attenuation of the shadow will not change the substance.” Since the 1970s, the shadow has become a dark cloud enveloping society and the political system. Corporate power, by now largely financial capital, has reached the point that both political organizations, which now barely resemble traditional parties, are far to the right of the population on the major issues under debate.

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Recall Walker

Governor Scott Walker speaks at Wisconsin State Fair.

It’s the Oligarchy, Stupid!

Al Jazeera segment examining inequality in America.

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