Recall Walker

Governor Scott Walker speaks at Wisconsin State Fair.

It’s the Oligarchy, Stupid!

Al Jazeera segment examining inequality in America.

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Retrato del Delito by Santiago Caruso

'Retrato del Delito' by Santiago Caruso

Illustration by Santiago Caruso


Another tip of the hat to Shepard Fairey

Who will stand up for the corporations?

Here’s some damning evidence of our nation’s emerging status as a corrupt third-world oligarchy:Chart of Corporate and Wage/Salary recovery after last 5 major recessions

Notice the unequal recovery in national income share of corporations vs. wage/salary earners. Also notice how the ratio has changed from a fairly equal recovery in the 70’s and 80’s versus the 21st century recessions. Obviously, corporations are doing very poorly and we need tax cuts and less regulation to help them be more competitive. And let’s not forget to cut benefits and safety nets for those rapacious wage slaves!

via Northeastern University study: “The ‘Jobless and Wageless Recovery’ from the Great Recession of 2007-2009”

72% agree, tax the > $250K crowd

What more needs to be said? Oh, well, obviously most of our legislators are part of this group and I guess they and their wealthy supporters disagree. Democracy, or oligarchy?

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