Rainbow in the Dark

Dope Das Racist joint! 😉

Song from their CD Relax.

Maya Arulpragakicksam-ass

Maya Arulpragasam at the Super Bowl

Image via The New Yorker

So M.I.A. shocked and awed the conservative Parents Television Council, “the nation’s most influential advocacy organization protecting children against entertainment sex, violence and profanity”. Apparently, she even shocked the original shock and awer Madonna herself, who can’t stand being upstaged at her own show. What has become of America, whose most famous and enduring act was a gigantic bird-flip to colonial Great Britain way back in the 18th century?

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MOTO ROKR: 100 Tunes in your phone, baby!


The Divine Sarah Vaughan

I’ve loved Sarah Vaughan for a long time. A lot of people know her sassy scatting on “Lullaby of Birdland.” So many great songs. Continue reading »