Occupy Wall St: Chris Hedges Interview Transcript

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Filmed on Sunday, September 25, at the

Occupy Wall Street Protest.

Amazing interview with author Chris Hedges discussing global, historical, political, economic, and moral aspects of the reasons for the protest and the larger movements to which it is related.

Read a full transcript of the interview below.

Interviewers: OK World! This is an extreme pleasure.

Chris Hedges: Do you want to ask me questions or do you want me to just say something?

I: Introduce yourself, and tell people who you are.

Chris Hedges: I’m Chris Hedges, and I’m a writer. I just got back from Immokalee Florida where the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) is about to begin a huge campaign against supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, Stop & Shop, Giant. Which is extremely important. Because if it succeeds, it will probably double the wages, which run between about $8,000 & $10,000 for agricultural workers in the tomato fields, who live in horrific conditions at best. And at worst, conditions that resemble slavery. But I’ve been following what’s been happening here (Wall Street Occupation) and this is really where the hope of America lies.
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Cringley: iCloud kills Windows

Icon for Apple iCloudQuestion: What do you hope to see when you look through the windows? Blue sky and big puffy white clouds, you say?

Robert X. Cringely agrees. Here’s his look at the Apple iCloud announcement. Basically, our data is the platform. Not the thing sitting on your desk, or increasingly, in your briefcase, pocket and who knows where else in the future. The lack of a serious mobile foothold by Microsoft is not looking good.

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Happy World IPV6 Day!

Are you ready!? Today is the day to see how prepared you are for IPV6 world. That would be Internet Protocol Version 6. See, nobody expected the internet to require addresses for billions of connected devices. Never underestimate the geometric expansion of technology, eh? So now we are about to run out of unique IPV4 (whatever happened to IPV5?) addresses and hence face, in addition to economic meltdown and ecological collapse, internet armaggedon. Well, I suppose if we get the first two the last won’t matter. Anyways, it’s fun! I just upgraded my router so I’m ready to fly into the future of gigafied internet. Can you join me?