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Elizabeth Warren 2012!

Illustration of Elizabeth Warren


It’s a sign of the desperate times we live in that this plain-speaking, up-front, strong, intelligent and compassionate woman has been demonized by some shadowy and nefarious groups, while an utter insincere clown like half-governor Palin is lauded as some kind of working-class saviour. Lamestream media, indeed. I have seen Elizabeth Warren vilified in various blogs and tweets as socialist communist fascist devil overlord just waiting in the wings to deliver us all into the hands of the dark prince. How does a straight-talking, eminently reasonable midwestern woman get to be in this position? What is truth in 2011 America?

Obviously, those with large financial interests have many good reasons to fear these qualities as their entire modus operandi is obfuscation, confusion and deception. When these are the qualities that are guiding the direction of this country, one has reason to be a bit nervous.

So, I felt so inspired by this woman’s character I was compelled to create a graphic homage to Obama’s 2008 campaign poster “HOPE”.  Because what we don’t need is hope. Hope is for suckers. We need TRUTH. And I can’t think of a better representative in this day and age than Mrs. Warren. Her bravery and fortitude swimming with the sharks in our capital deserve a standing ovation from everyone that still has a shred of respect for truth and reality. Thanks to Shepard Fairey for the original Obama poster, from which this borrows heavily!

Please let me know if you like it!

If you want to know more about Elizabeth Warren:

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UPDATE: She’s out for running the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and in for Senator of Massachusetts in 2012.



Another tip of the hat to Shepard Fairey

Yes, She Can!


It’s coming down to the wire, it seems, for Elizabeth Warren and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. If you support her, please make your voice heard. There are plenty of online petitions, letters to be written, anything. This woman is amazing and she deserves our support!