Rainbow in the Dark

Dope Das Racist joint! 😉

Song from their CD Relax.

Maya Arulpragakicksam-ass

Maya Arulpragasam at the Super Bowl

Image via The New Yorker

So M.I.A. shocked and awed the conservative Parents Television Council, “the nation’s most influential advocacy organization protecting children against entertainment sex, violence and profanity”. Apparently, she even shocked the original shock and awer Madonna herself, who can’t stand being upstaged at her own show. What has become of America, whose most famous and enduring act was a gigantic bird-flip to colonial Great Britain way back in the 18th century?

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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is dead. Long live Apple.

I remember the first time I saw a picture of Steve Jobs. He and John Sculley, and Macintosh on Steve’s lap, in Time magazine. And the Ridley Scott 1984 commercial. And using a Macintosh for the first time, and really using it, after banging my head against our home PC with green text input and a shelf full of manuals. Macintosh was so beautiful and elegant and, somehow, human. It was loveable. And it was a vision of a world.

Steve Jobs’ passing reminds me of Heidegger. He said that a work of art creates a world, a universe, that one can enter into, in the presence of the artwork. In another way, each of us as beings, is a world, a universe, that exists in and through us. And when we pass so does that world.

Steve Jobs returning to Apple brought that particular world back. A vision of technology and humanity and beauty and passion and genius. Magical. Insanely great. Embodied in millions of objects of metal, glass, and plastic, spread over the entire globe.

Whatever success Apple continues to have, and I wish them all of it, we have lost that particular genius that was. We have lost a world.


Sinulog Festival in the Philippines

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Retrato del Delito by Santiago Caruso

'Retrato del Delito' by Santiago Caruso

Illustration by Santiago Caruso

Not cool Urban Outfitters

One of Stevie's Etsy Pieces

Shameless plagiarism of indie artisan Truche on Etsy.

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The Mountain

The Mountain from TSO Photography on Vimeo.

Girl 6 – Ultimate Reading

Susan Batson reads the girls to filth in a fierce scene from
the 1996 Spike Lee film, Girl 6.

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An image from Stephan Tillman’s exhibit


For someone who grew up in the age of tube televisions these portraits of TV screens as the power to the electron gun is cut manage to feel both nostalgic and futuristic at the same time. Future Nostalgia. The beauty that lurks within the chaos & randomness….

Very clever

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The Divine Sarah Vaughan

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