Maya Arulpragakicksam-ass

Maya Arulpragasam at the Super Bowl

Image via The New Yorker

So M.I.A. shocked and awed the conservative Parents Television Council, “the nation’s most influential advocacy organization protecting children against entertainment sex, violence and profanity”. Apparently, she even shocked the original shock and awer Madonna herself, who can’t stand being upstaged at her own show. What has become of America, whose most famous and enduring act was a gigantic bird-flip to colonial Great Britain way back in the 18th century?

The “family friendly spectacle” of pneumatic millionaires pumped with drugs and fame, bashing into each other on artificial grass chasing a ball from one end to the other is the pinnacle of American popular “culture”. Crass, planet-destroying consumerism is idolized and fetishized as the nearly equal side-show. Then, appropriate Roman Empire-inspired half-time circus, on the eve of the fall of it’s modern equivalent, with the 50ish-year-old sell-out slut-in-chief (remember Madonna’s Sex book back in the early 1990’s) leading the festivities.

Please don’t get me wrong. I personally loved the half-time show for it’s dumb over-the-top spectacle. Nicki Minaj, the voluptuous sex-kitten famous for her crazy baby-doll schoolgirl fashion style and silicone ass-n-thighs. The DJ group LMFAO which is an acronym for, awww, look it up. The athletic dancers and acrobatic crotch-exposing stunts were amazing. It looked like fun! Although with Madonna’s injured nose and hamstring from too-strenuous rehearsals, the fun was apparently an act. Perhaps M’s acting skills are finally improving.

And then, the brown girl decides to act outside of all these appropriate societal norms of full-body tackling and objectification and selling of planet-destroying machines and fake food that is costing us billions a year in health problems, making money for those and them but not for you.

While we are flying our robots around the world, killing U.S. citizens and innocent civilians in “targeted killings” of “enemy combatants”, along with today’s latest “top Al Qaeda lieutenant”. While we are propping up repressive regimes around the world. While back here in the “homeland”, we are evolving into an oligarchic concentration camp society of have-a-tons and have-nones, with bankers apprising themselves of zero-interest loans on the taxpayer’s dime while the rest are foreclosed and buried under mountains of usurious debt.

So thank God another brown person has conveniently made herself the target of the white guilt-and-propaganda machine for making a hand gesture. God help us deflect the true evil miasma that is so thick as to be nearly visible these days. God help us if one of the innocent angels of white America (because the Parents Television Council is nothing if not white) espied the 2-second gesture, which the network was supposedly technologically equipped to block.

The poor children. Are these the same children that play ultra-violent and graphic video games, or watch the violent and narcissistic objectification on the telly-box? Are these the same poor children who are watching the ultra-violent game of American football? Where are the censors when we need them?

So yeah, forgive me if this hypocritical, pious bullshit from the patrician class leaves me flat. Wouldn’t it be nice if we had a censor for them? Instead, let’s fine an “other” brown Sri Lankan female artist a few hundred thousand increasingly worthless dollars for a swaggerish finger gesture, while bankers and high government officials who kicked the legs out from under our economy walk free and make more then ever before. Luckily, with all the ridiculous free publicity this is garnering for her new single and album, I’m sure Maya can afford it.

PS. If you haven’t seen her infectious and fantastic new single and video, you should check it out below!

M.I.A, Bad Girls from ROMAIN-GAVRAS on Vimeo.

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