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A few of the Coke product family members:
  • Bright & Early
  • Minute Maid
  • Simply Orange
  • Odwalla
  • Fuze
  • Fanta
  • Sprite
  • Honest Tea
  • Dasani
  • Vitamin Water
  • PowerAde
  • Illy Issimo Canned Coffees
  • Smart Water

Enough said?

#OWS Ignites the World

Another fantastic photo collection via The Atlantic

Lessig: Killing it over & over & over

via Striking The Root of Wall Street Corruption from Sean McDaniel on Vimeo.

Think Different

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is dead. Long live Apple.

I remember the first time I saw a picture of Steve Jobs. He and John Sculley, and Macintosh on Steve’s lap, in Time magazine. And the Ridley Scott 1984 commercial. And using a Macintosh for the first time, and really using it, after banging my head against our home PC with green text input and a shelf full of manuals. Macintosh was so beautiful and elegant and, somehow, human. It was loveable. And it was a vision of a world.

Steve Jobs’ passing reminds me of Heidegger. He said that a work of art creates a world, a universe, that one can enter into, in the presence of the artwork. In another way, each of us as beings, is a world, a universe, that exists in and through us. And when we pass so does that world.

Steve Jobs returning to Apple brought that particular world back. A vision of technology and humanity and beauty and passion and genius. Magical. Insanely great. Embodied in millions of objects of metal, glass, and plastic, spread over the entire globe.

Whatever success Apple continues to have, and I wish them all of it, we have lost that particular genius that was. We have lost a world.

Max Keiser says…

My advice to the leaders of this movement and to the movements all over the world is that they should look at the campaign from a couple of years ago called “Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty.” This was a campaign against Huntington Life Sciences, where the campaigners targeted the stock price of Huntington Life Sciences and drove the stock price down to zero. The company had to close and shut in the UK and run to America, where they got some safe harbor for their animal cruelty.

This is the best way to stop these types of banker terrorists. You need to target their stock price and you need to try to drive it down to near zero, and with the global movement taking shape, there is a way to effect this change in the stock price down to zero.

And you get a new balance of power. Power will shift. With reverse capitalism, the fund managers and the hedge fund managers are with the protesters, because they are the ones dictating the price discovery and this is the beauty of a new reverse capitalism. I would not say this is anti-capitalism, this is about reverse capitalism. This is about taking the tools of capitalism, putting them into the hands of the people, creating new price discovery and repricing these assets around the world and forcing the banker terrorists out of the system and sharing the wealth with those who are part of the world community.

via Max Keiser

The Galaxy as seen from Chilé

June 2010

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Chaplin and Fairbanks: Occupy Wall St. 1918

Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks Occupy Wall St

via Wikimedia

Unlike today’s occupations, this one was apparently in support of the war effort.Here is a bit more information from The New York Times

Chris Hedges says…

“The problem are corporations and unregulated capitalism. Unregulated capitalism, as Karl Marx understood, is a revolutionary force. Because it commodifies everything. If we don’t destroy the corporate structure, then we’re finished. That’s where all of our energy should be placed.”

—Chris Hedges