iPhone 1.0: Aged to Perfection

An image of a well-used original iPhone

Boba Fett's iPhone

We are so used to seeing perfect, flawless tech gadgets in slick advertising shots. Apple especially has raised the experience of the fetishized object to an art. A new in-the-box Apple object is perfectly cradled, pristine, hermetically sealed in various layers of glossy transparent plastic. The first scratch is the most painful.

In an attempt to stave off the natural aging process and maintain the object in its pristine, newly minted condition, many cover up the fetish icon with various cases and screen protectors—despite the fact that the often ugly objects people use to maintain flawless perfection defeat the purpose of having such a beautiful object in the first place. Like couched wrapped in plastic.

How refreshing then this blog post from frog designer Remy Labesque. Sharing his beautiful, heavily used original iPhone. Putting it on a pedestal to be admired before it is retired. Labesque presents it in the context of the Japanese concept of “Wabi-sabi.” A Zen appreciation of patina and wear that is a natural consequence of aging and use. Thanks Remy!

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